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Jordan Brand for this year to build the all star shoes have been listed, and recently released again, the players will wear the pro version of PE, details and commercial versions have different colors. Pearl series of color based players will personally with Air Jordan XX9, Jordan Melo M11, Jordan Super.Fly 3 and Jordan CP3.VIII with ruby red Jumpman details of the decoration, but because Blake Griffin was unable to compete because of Jordan Super.Fly 3 or PE Xu also missed the all star game debut. BbsImg142367871143158_670_375.jpg (48.14 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Brand all star player boots 2015-2-12 09:03 upload BbsImg142367871587389_1000_586.jpg (26.66 K cheap jordan shoes for men B, download number: 0) download Jordan Brand all star player boots 2015-2-12 09:03 upload BbsImg142367871950078_1000_547.jpg (29.69 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Brand all star player boots 2015-2-12 09:03 upload BbsImg142367872368905_1000_599.jpg (29.32 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Brand all star player boots 2015-2-12 09:03 upload BbsImg142367872698684_1000_604.jpg (30.3 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan Brand all star player boots 2015-2-12 09:04 upload BbsImg142367873035729_1000_606.jpg (34.81 KB, download number: 0) download Jor0 "outside of the world, Houjie shoe factory shoe distribution center, footwear talent exchang Retro jordans for sale e set to view has been formed, then, we want to let the world know, Houjie or finished shoes orders center!" Reporters learned yesterday from Houjie, at present, the town is creating a finished shoes exhibition trade center - China Houjie International Footwear Exhibition Trade Center, dedicated to all over the country display shoes trade. Linda large industrial investment Co., Ltd. project leader Linda said that the project has completed preliminary research and demonstration, will be in full swing in September on the work, is expected to open next year. exhibition trade center amounted to 18000 square meters Houjie International Footwear Exhibition Trade Center, cheap jordans for sale mens has completed a preliminary investigation and verification, the location locking Guan Tai Road intersection liaoxia forest computer city, it is understood that next year the city will be part of the transformation of computer, will use more than 18000 square meters to create footwear trade exhibition center. the exhibition trade center on the first floor for display, wholesale and retail, mainly to attract even Dongguan local famous Houjie shoe enterprises stationed, will meet 80 brand exhibition and more than 40 wholesale and retail business. The two floor will provide 180 special display and order window for shoe enterprises. The core functions of the third floor are cheap foamposites mainly displayed in the footwear trade, shoes designer corridor and the establishment of Houjie shoe industry historical exhibition hall. promotion of local shoes enterprises orders ability what functions does the trade and Exhibition Center have? Linda said this includes three functions -- trade order function, brand incubator function and function of finished shoes wholesale. Linda analysis, Houjie shoe enterprises outside oriented type, and mainly through the trading company to get orders; in most cases, did not directly get the first order. In order to cope with the financial crisis, Houjie foreign trade shoes enterprises have been transformed into dome Cheap air jordans for sale stic sales, and enterprises need to improve their ability to receive orders, so as to gain a place in the fierce competition. This exhibition trade center emerged, trade exhibition center can provide a platform for display of finished shoes for shoes, let buyers and manufacturers from around the world face to face direct orders, in order to enhance the ability of local shoe orders. to fill the end of the footwear industry chain blank Linda said, in Senda computer city opened international footwear exhibition trade center, based on three considerations: one is here will be the intersection of Guangzhou Shenzhen and Dongguan light rail transportation facilities; two Retro jordans for sale is the clouds surrounding all kinds of shoe market, agglomeration effect; three is the next will be the new king Hilton Hotel, for the exhibition trade center exhibition provides business meetings, new product launches for the corresponding high-end facilities. He also)world famous art exhibition Basel Art (Basel Art Fair) will be held every year in Basel, Miami Beach and Hongkong, but the second is the first to take you to visit the Hongkong exhibition. As Art Basel only Asia exhibition, time brings together 35 different countries, a total of 239 Gallery, divided into three zones "Gallery meta", "Asian perspective" and "exploring the art of new", at the beginning of the 20th cheap jordans for sale century to recent contemporary art exhibition, such as Picasso and Andy Warhol, Yoshitomo Nara, Takashi Murakami, kaws etc. works can be seen in the field. venue also exhibited at 16 pieces from artists around the world large-scale art project area "Arts and poly space", so that the public can swim in between art, even interacts with them, so that visitors can really communicate with art. Art Basel Hong Kong will be on March 24 to 26 in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center held, ticket price is HK $150 to 850 has to Art Basel website sale.classic Nike Free network to give up the classical surface material, put on a leather shoe body as we see today, this Nike F Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ree 5 V4 new shoes with olive green leather material as the main material, a large area of the leather shoes only at the toe and heel joined the suture line design, other parts are presented in line with car decoration, car line around Swoosh the most dazzling white shoes, FREE above the bottom also joined the stable design circle of brown, beautiful decoration and provide protection to the wearer more. New products are now available in Caliroots, and friends who like you can pay attention to it. never expected the warriors to be so polluted by the thunder... However, in a few games, curry is dressed in UA Curry 2.5. this design inspiration to create the ancient warrior's sp Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ear and diamond from the "Black Taxi" also officially on sale, uppers of blue and yellow double color rendering, UA Logo with the warriors partly hidden and partly visible, followed by the Oracle arena coordinates decoration, not bad yo ~ Air Jordan 11 dunk first appeared in 1995 NBA bulls playoff game against the Orlando Magic show for the first time in Jordan. The overall shape to join eleven other classic Joe simple black and white design colors, black shoes and white collocation in the bottom, upper with blue Jumpman Logo injection, Air Jordan 11 is one of the many color quite representative works of mark. this shoe back in 2016 when, immediately caused a panic cheap jordans online buying trend. We have to say, a shoe control is lost in the Nike engraved on the feelings. It is worth emphasizing that Jonny Jordan wore in the film "air dunk" is Air Jordan 11 dunk oh. prepared a small two different quality Air Jordan 11 dunk look at the original box, shoebox external standard and lining color reflective and charming Fake, the form is too. went on to see the appearance of shoes view top followed by view from the above chart, the original type of shoes, no matter is a line or the entire body of the shoe material radian, gloss. We can see the original with high imitation of the fake gap is not a little. original exquisite style, clear lines. Fake fat hypertrophy, relaxation and round. It is very easy to fall down when moving on foot hurts a lot technology to.. At the bottom of the carbon plate, in fact, should be called the carbon fiber composite material, because it is the formation of a composite adhesive made of epoxy resin and carbon fiber silk, which is similar to glass steel mixed with epoxy resin and glass fiber, but greater strength. Manufacturing process of carbon fiber is very complex and requires very high level of science and technology. It simply is a polymer called pan drawn into wire, and then the wire in nitrogen at high temperature carbonization temperature of 2500 degrees celsius. The first is to use carbon plate carbon fiber silk into cloth, and then form a liquid epoxy resin soaking and cooling after The of our country can not even independent of mass production of high quality carbon plate, so that relates to carbon plate, carbon fiber objects, cost will increase The original using the real carbon plate, on bottom stability, support a very good help. You can see the carbon plate with special luster. and fake, what is the use? A piece of plastic? Don't go too heart... welcome to have different views and comments focus on today's headlines, pay attention to small. Please click on the upper right corner of attention oh in order to meet once a year on Mother's day, especially for JordanBrand's MLB players to create AirJordan12Cleats mother's Day Memorial color, JordanBrand's GioGonzalez, MookieBetts, DellinBetances, contains a number of players, such as MarcusStroman, have been in the game on foot on stage. This pair of AirJordan12Cleats "Mother" sDay "vision is formed by adopting bright pink, to convey strong love for each mother, in addition to the details at the end of the baseball field to adjust the outside, with the body of the shoe line texture is reminiscent of baseball stitching insole also more printed with sunflower totem, a symbol of the mother they just like every child the sun always shines, and care of our growth.

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